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We at Idaho Real Estate Group look forward to real growth and development in the next year. Recently, Mike and I traveled to Omaha, Nebraska in order to attend the annual Cabela’s Trophy Properties conference. We learned a lot about how we are going to be helping the land owners of Idaho, and we plan on growing with new agents, increasing our reach to customers, and achieving continual improvement to our niche of real estate. Here are just a few of the key things we experienced:

Quality of Expertise within the Network of Cabela’s Trophy Properties Participants:

It absolutely amazes me at how the network of agents participating with Cabela’s Trophy Properties works together.  Cabela’s Trophy Properties has created the atmosphere where businesses share information, agents collaborate, and achievement creates growth for everyone. Throughout the conference, we talked with agents from all over the nation to see how their markets were doing and what they have done in order to achieve success. We even share documents, marketing secrets, and strategies. What this means for you as a seller or buyer is: when you  work with us, you join a large network of agents who are more than willing to help one another out. Sellers are able to be handed to the agent who is most qualified for their area and buyers of this unique real estate can easily find who they are needing to work with. We all work together.

How We Size Up:

There is no doubt that we are the resource for your outdoor property. Since the creation of Cabela’s Trophy Properties, it has grown rapidly to overtake many of the regionally known brokerages. You will see it continue far beyond that, and you no longer have to settle for a real estate company who only reaches the next county or even the next state. The affiliation we carry brings with it a reputation and quality that is known on a national and international level. We trust in the name and believe in the value it will bring in selling your land and in finding you your next dream property.

What We Have that No One Else Does:

I think it is worth mentioning to all our clients that we achieve both broad and very specific success in marketing farm, ranch, and recreational real estate. For instance, did you know that Cabela’s Trophy Properties was the first to bring their agents onto Platinum status with This is just one of the features creating value and carrying that value forward as you find us in many of the top ranch, farm, and recreational we sites available. To really see where our marketing can take you, you should contact us and we would be happy to tell you how we can market your property better than any one else.

In short, we bring you true VALUE that no one else can. We know what we stand for, who we are a part of, and we are proud of it!

–Steve Atkinson

Agent/Manager of Business Development

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