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I am impressed with and really like the site that the Idaho Fish and Game has built. I’ve grown up like many resident’s of Idaho waiting on the yearly books and then flipping through them, cross-referencing, and trying to navigate the many pages. Real Estate (especially Participating with Cabela’s Trophy Properties) has brought me to need more information, to need it faster, and to be able to share that with other people over long distances. I have found their website to be helpful.

A gentleman recently sent in an inquiry from over 700 miles away. He had found one of our properties (Crnich  Hunting Recreation Retreat in Southeastern Idaho) through one of the many land websites that we publish to. In his original inquiry he talked about his passion for hunting and his need to get a good aerial of the property to understand our listing. Here is an example of some of the information I was able to share because of the Idaho Fish and Game website:

“The first map shows that it is region 5 in Idaho. the property sits about where the green dot is. It would be in unit 74 but almost bordering unit 71.

“The second map shows first of all that it is bordering the BLM … The property is about where the green dot is. The yellow is BLM and you can see the Caribou NF marked.”


From these two maps, he was able to see where the property lies and its relationship to a several  hunting territories. The Idaho Fish and Game website could have easily gotten him all the hunt information from controlled hunt success rates, to the number of last years open hunt tags, and he could have even gotten his tags.

Another feature we can provide is how I am able to share basic aerial photos such as the one below in order to help clients get a better understanding of the properties and land they are asking about. All of this goes hand-in-hand with how I want to help clients get a decent pre-liminary feel before they drive hours to view a property. I think it is just one more step in a positive momentum moving forward.

Below are a couple of other links that might be worth your time if you need more information about hunting or fishing. I hope you can find them useful; especially if you are looking for that perfect piece of Idaho, close to hunting, fishing, or wherever your outdoor recreation will take you. P.S. The hunt planner and the fishing planner are also worth looking at:

Idaho Hunting

Idaho Fishing

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–Steve Atkinson

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