Coldwater Ranch


The Coldwater Ranch represents a remarkable opportunity to own one of South Eastern Idaho’s choice cattle operations with an attractive location, diversified lands, plentiful water, outstanding hunting, and magnificent views.

Coldwater Ranch has been assembled from several different ranches and farms and now provides the unique opportunity for purchase as a large, fully operational, and entirely self sustaining cattle property.
At the top of the property, the range ground starts by abutting to the BLM lands of the Samaria Mountains and is the highest of the private lands along the North Face. The treed canyons and low hills are just the beginning for tens of thousands of acres that are to the south. Fresh spring water flows and is piped from these low hills to several troughs that traverse the range ground. Here your livestock are never too far from water.
Coming off of the range, you come to irrigated, pasture, and meadow ground. The irrigated property is mostly comprised of eight pivots being supplied from five irrigation wells and water shares from the local water company. These irrigated portions historically provide one to two cuttings before they are converted to irrigated pasture. Between the spring feedings on the range and pasturing under the pivots, a vast amount of feed comes from the meadow ground. These lands abound in water and have incredible sub moisture that manifests itself in artesian springs, standing water, and plant growth clear into the fall.
The last of the stages for the season is to move the animals into the feedlot. The first two cuttings have previously been stored and now sustain the operation through the winter. Many years the feed from the cuttings has been abundant enough to glean revenue from extra feed sales.
The Ranch is about 5 miles long from its northern to southern extremes and over 6 miles from it’s eastern to western extremes. The land is separated into two tracts that are about .75 miles apart at their nearest points. Both tracts are accessible year round via asphalted, county roads. In addition to the asphalted portions, there are several gravel and dirt roads that make almost any point of the ranch accessible within .5 miles of a road/trail.
The general location of the property has exceptional access to many larger cities and markets. Malad, Idaho is 5 miles away. Pocatello is 60 miles to the north and Salt Lake City is 105 miles to the south.
There are 3 homes on the property. 2 homes are occupied with renters and one is vacant. There are other structures on the property such as 2 shops and a 32’x60′ hay storage.
This peerless ranch will not always be available and the rare opportunity of this size doesn’t always come along. We are here to answer any questions and we look forward to seeing you on the Coldwater Ranch.

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