Falcon Butte Ranch

Price: $16,000,000
Acreage: 2750
Property Type: Farm, Ranch/Range Ground
Latitude: 43.0416374206543
Address: 16500 N Sinker Butte Road
City: Murphy
ZIP: 83650
Longitude: -116.62767791748047
Here is the hard to find row crop production ground that you have been looking for. 2750 acres with 2495 under pivot. With potato storage, located south of Boise, Idaho in Owyhee county. Great piece of property!The Falcon Butte Farm is located 8 miles East and 2 miles north of Murphy at 26500 Sinker Butte Road – Murphy, Idaho, 83650. Murphy is about a half hour drive from Boise, the State Capital of Idaho. Building and farm land are located on both sides of the road. Total acreage is approximately 2750 acres. Irrigated acreage is 2495 acres. All acreage is under pivot irrigations, so no hand lines or wheel line are on the farm. Comes with dry grazing acreage of 280 acres. The source of water for the irrigation of the farmland comes from the Snake River. There is a domestic well to service the home, potato storage and other outbuildings. Irrigation equipment consists of 5 – 700 hp pumps on the Snake River that lift the water to the top of Canyon Rim. The annual cost of lifting the water is $203 per acre. The water runs in a 2 mile canal to the farmland, at this point the water is pumped into the pivot sprinklers that deliver the water to the planted crops. The cost of irrigating the crops as well as energizing the pivots is $49.81 per acre. There are 24 pivot sprinklers system manufactured by Zimmatic Irrigation Co. 11 were put into service in 2005, 7 in 2007, and 6 in 2009. Present owners have been growing silage corn, alfalfa hay and grain corn. The climate and soil will also produce sugar beets, potatoes, wheat, and barley. Two 130 acre pivots are leased to grow Norkotah potatoes for an Idaho potato shipper. There is an Amalgamated Sugar Co. beet dump 2 miles north of the farm.
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