Southeast Idaho

Southeast Idaho is a great place to get away. Here you have the Idaho Falls airport and you are less than two hours away from the Salt Lake City airport. You’ll find trails for hiking and camping; reservoirs for fishing or water sports; natural hot water springs; ski resorts; and hunting for big game, small game, upland bird and waterfowl. What a great place to get a taste of Idaho.

The area of Southeast Idaho includes a variety of terrain and opportunity from one area to the other. Some of the cities you may find familiar include Idaho Falls, Malad City, Franklin (the oldest town in Idaho), Bear Lake, Lava Hot Springs, Pocatello, American Falls, Blackfoot, and Fort Hall.

Here you’ll find arts and performances near Idaho State University in Pocatello, deep gorges, pioneer trails and monuments, or activities throughout the summer. It is not uncommon to find a rodeo happening about every weekend. If that doesn’t suit you then you may find Native American activities at Fort Hall. No matter the season, there is always something you’ve waited for just coming up, and something you’re fond of is just fading away for another year.

Bear Lake will always bring that sweet outdoor rejuvenation. Located off the beaten path of large interstates and yet frequented by visitors, you can play on the turquoise waters, explore the Minnetonka Cave, camp in the pines, or treat yourself to a famous raspberry milkshake.

The winter brings wonders as well. The mountains will coat with great powder snow and then a trip to the famous Lava Hot Springs will warm you to the bone as you sit in its different temperature pools that are all natural, mineral water.

From all of these attractions, mountains, and reservoirs, you border producing farm land with production in ranches, alfalfa, barley, the occasional corn, and of course the famous Idaho Potatoes.

Hunting opportunities are extensive and cover big game, small game, upland birds, and waterfowl. Everything from deer, elk, moose, wolf, and bear, to quail, dove, sharp-tail, turkey, geese, and rabbits.

When looking for outdoor property, Southeast Idaho is a great place to start. That is why the Idaho Real Estate Group participates with Cabela’s Trophy Properties here. It is a destination for the outdoorsmen.

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