Southwest Idaho

What a diverse place to own property! Real estate can vary greatly and here the Idaho Real Estate group participating with Cabela’s Trophy Properties is happy to bring you equestrian estates, one of a kind properties in deep canyons, river ranches, and producing farm ground to name a few.
From Boise, the largest city within 300 miles, to deep canyons and gorges, southwest Idaho is a recreational haven for both summer and winter months. Old mining towns to Shakespearian festivals, to 29 golf courses, to the tallest sand dunes of North America all reside in this area.
Of the land ownership and hunting opportunities, you’ll find that 37% is US Forest Service, 31% is BLM, 25% private, and the rest is other. Hunting opportunities include deer, elk, moose, gray wolf, bear, sheep, goat, quail, chucker, grouse, pheasant, turkey, geese, and ducks to name a few. You’ll enjoy this outdoor area and we are proud to represent you here with local, experienced agents.
The recreation is opportune as you can hike breathtaking views, drive scenic miles through vineyards and old mining towns, or attend a Winter Carnival with exciting events and ice sculptures. Some of the places worth visiting are within a short trip and could even be done on a short weekend.

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