The Economics of the Most Successful Large Western Ranches

Finally owning your own large property may feel like a dream come true, but once the sale closes, your work has only just begun. The most successful large western ranches are run on sound economic principles and a profitable production schedule that uses every available acre. We’ve compiled some of the best pieces of advice for turning your ranch real estate into a place that you can comfortably call work and home.
1. Manage your herd by acre and worker.
The amount of acreage for sale isn’t the only factor that will influence how many head of cattle you might be able to manage on your ranch. You also     need to consider how many workers or hired hands you can afford to help with tending to the herd. Most mid- to large western ranches typically             budget one worker for every 800 to 1,000 cows.
2. Make your property multi-use.
Depending on where you live and the type of land you have available, you might be able to allocate some parts of your ranch as seasonal private hunting land, which can help generate additional revenue with very little overhead. American hunters average 21 days dedicated to the sport every year, for a combined total of 282 million days annually. Many are willing to pay top dollar for managed land with good prospects for deer, elk, fowl, or other game.

3. Build a community.
Ranching is often perceived as a solitary kind of lifestyle, but it’s essential to establish a network among other ranchers, especially your neighbors.         The ranching community is often a tight-knit community built on trust and helping each other out when times get hard. Experienced veterans are         always ready to offer kernels of wisdom to newcomers.

Ranching life may not always be easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding. There are few things more gratifying than living off the land and   appreciating it for what it’s worth. To keep your dreams afloat, be sure to make your land as usable and profitable as possible while still preserving its beauty. For more information on how to find the ranch property of your dreams, contact us at Sports Afield Trophy Properties to work with a knowledgeable land broker today.


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